Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds?

Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds?

When visiting a casino, everyone hopes to get lucky and win big.

However, some games offer significantly better odds for the player and lower house advantages.

Knowing which casino games have the most favorable odds can help you make informed gambling decisions and get the most bang for your buck.

Here are the top casino games that provide players with the best odds of winning.

Blackjack (Classic)

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where skilled play can boost your odds. By utilizing proper basic strategy based on the dealer’s upcard, blackjack has a house edge under 1%.

With optimal play, blackjack offers the lowest house advantage of any table game. Just be sure to stick to classic blackjack rules rather than gimmicky blackjack variants which tilt odds back in the casino’s favor.

Going by basic strategy charts gives you the best chance to beat the dealer.

Baccarat (Banker Bet)

Baccarat draws players in with its high betting limits and sophisticated vibe. Luckily, it offers relatively good odds – especially when betting on the Banker hand.

Banker bets hold a low house edge of just over 1% in most casinos. Combined with the predictable game flow and fixed rules, baccarat gives you a solid shot at walking away a winner if Lady Luck cooperates.

Don’t waste money on the tie bet despite the huge payout – focus on Banker.

Craps (Pass/Come/Odds)

Craps looks intimidating, but certain bets give you an edge.

Pass Line, Come, and Odds bets combined have less than a 2% house advantage when played properly. Taking maximum odds behind Pass and Come bets really cuts down the house edge.

With so many betting options, stick to these safe bets rather than the risky one-roll propositions.

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Maintain discipline and craps can churn out nice profits with favorable player odds over the long run.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker melds poker hands with the play style of pai gow tiles. Players and dealers make the highest possible poker hand with their cards.

This medium-paced game has a house edge starting around 2.5% for those who know proper strategy.

The more you optimize your hands per the rules, the lower the house edge becomes. Pai Gow Poker’s slow nature and opportunity to push hands also benefit your bankroll.

Video Poker (9/6 Jacks or Better)

Unlike slots, video poker allows players to use optimal strategy to cut the house edge down significantly.

The best game is 9/6 Jacks or Better, meaning it pays 9-to-1 on full houses and 6-to-1 on flushes. Using a proper strategy chart for this specific game provides a return over 99%.

That tiny house edge makes 9/6 Jacks or Better the top option for video poker players seeking favorable odds.


Which game requires the most skill? Blackjack gives skilled players adhering to basic strategy the best odds due to optimal decision-making.

Which game relies most on luck? Slots depend entirely on random chance without skill impacting outcomes.

Which games should beginners avoid? Avoid games with lots of betting options like craps until you gain experience.

Can I affect baccarat odds? No, baccarat outcomes cannot be influenced once bets are placed before the deal.

Do betting systems work? No, systems like Martingale cannot overcome the house edge built into casino games over the long run.

Now that you know which games give you a fair shot against the house, you can focus your casino play. Seek out blackjack, baccarat, craps, pai gow poker, and optimal video poker machines.

And remember – have fun, think long-term, and never wager more than you can afford to lose.

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