Keno 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing and Winning at Casino Keno

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing and Winning at Casino Keno

Keno is an exciting numbers game often found in casino lounges and bars.

While playing is easy, a few tips will help you boost payouts and increase enjoyment.

Follow this keno 101 guide to learn the basics and begin winning at this casino classic.

Understand the Format

Keno boards have 80 numbers from 1 to 80. Players use keno cards to select between 1 and 15 of those numbers as their spots. 20 numbers are then randomly drawn each round.

Winning keno cards match some or all of the spots to the drawn numbers. Payouts rise for matching more numbers based on fixed pay tables.

Place Bets Strategically

Keno wagers can be placed in a variety of ways.

Straight bets pick one group of numbers. Way tickets bet multiple groups for more coverage.

Multi-race tickets let you play consecutive games with the same spots.

Combination and king tickets mix single and multi-game bets.

Spreading wagers across ticket types is smart.

Check the Pay Tables

Pay tables show the payouts for matching various hits. Study them to understand winning combinations.

While payouts rise for more matches, the probability of hitting all 15 selected numbers is extremely low.

Winning smaller amounts from 4 to 6 matches is actually better long-term.

Find Good Promotions

Many keno lounges offer bonuses on certain days or times to boost payouts.

Look for added prizes, discounted way tickets, random rewards, and free games to take advantage of extra value.

Signing up for casino player clubs grants access to special keno promos.

Manage Your Bankroll

Set a gambling bankroll for keno and make measured bets based on it. Avoid betting more than you can afford.

Since keno is based entirely on luck, don’t expect to win constantly. Enjoy small payouts when you hit instead of losing entire bankrolls while seeking huge wins.

Review All Bet Types

Keno offers combination bets like splits (two numbers), triples, and bullseyes for grouping selections. These can create big wins from multiple matches.

Also, use king tickets for variety: pick your own numbers, quick picks, or special patterns like letters or pictures.

Find Good Pay Tables

Not all keno games are equal. Seek out keno lounges with more favorable pay tables – like better payouts for 5-8 spot tickets.

This provides extra value long-term. Avoid keno games with lower payout percentages.

Consider Video Keno

Video keno plays just like live keno, but the experience is automated. Video keno lowers the pace allowing you to take time on betting strategy.

The downside is missing the live lounge vibe. Weigh your options when choosing live or video.

Play at Times With Smaller Crowds

To reduce competition, play keno when the lounge has fewer players buying tickets. This avoids split jackpots.

Morning and early afternoon tend to be slower keno times, as are late nights on weekdays.

Enjoy the Social Aspect

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Keno lounges promote interaction among players during rounds. Chat, grab drinks, order food, and make new friends rather than silently playing.

The social atmosphere and communal spirit are part of keno’s appeal.

FAQs For Playing and Winning at Casino Keno

How many numbers do most players choose? Most play the standard 8-spot ticket.

What’s the optimal number of spots to hit? Experts recommend 4-8 spots for the best probability of winning.

Should I play consecutive rounds? Yes, multi-race tickets allow consecutive bets using the same numbers.

Can I improve my odds? No, keno outcomes are entirely random like lottery numbers.

Should I avoid popular numbers? It doesn’t matter – all numbers have the same probability of being drawn.

Now you’re ready to win more often at your next keno session!

Follow these tips to boost payouts while having a great time in the lively keno lounge environment. Keno rewards patience and provides hours of gaming fun.

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